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About Me

My name is Brigitta. I am a professional makeup artist based in the Netherlands. I started freelancing in 2017. My love for makeup began when I moved to the Netherlands in 2016.

The diversity in the Netherlands made me realize that everyone has their own unique and beautiful way of expressing themselves. This is one of the reasons I love doing makeup: to show how beautiful people around the world are with the touch of makeup without changing their true essence.

To gain deeper knowledge about makeup, I decided to take a makeup course in Amsterdam. I also completed several hairstyling courses and makeup workshops from my colleagues as well as well-known makeup artists. I never stop learning, even though I am already working as a makeup artist. Continuous learning inspires me to improve my work!

During this time, I have worked on several jobs in the Netherlands, Germany, Paris, Switzerland, and Bali. These include fashion shows for AMFI, Master of Lxry, commercial shoots for brands like Kenzo, client makeup for pre-weddings and weddings, published shoots for Vogue, and cover shoots for Elite Magazine, among others.

Let's work together for an amazing experience and great results! X

If you have any questions, don't hesitate to ask me!

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